The Healthy Choice background

Healthy Choice Weddings aim to make planning your wedding photographer as simple and stress-free as possible.

It's common knowledge that having a quality, photographic record of the most important day of your life is one of the most essential aspects to planning your wedding. That's where we step in.....

Forget trying to choose between the 'Gold', 'Platinum' or 'Diamond' package. Forget leafing through hundreds of tiny, fingerprinted 'proof' prints to try and pick the handful you're allowed to get enlarged. Forget trying to decide between the dozens of albums, frames, even T-shirts and mugs! You've got enough decisions to make right now!

Get a highly trained professional with years of experience and top-of-the-range kit to come out and make a proper, photographic record of your day and then give you ALL of the 'digital negatives' for you to print, copy and show as and when you please! Also, an exact copy of the images on your own web pages!

Healthy Choice Weddings embraces digital technologies to provide you with just that. Don't get Uncle Bill to turn up with his rusty old SLR, fumbling around changing films; or Aunt Maude swanning in with her brand new 40 billion pixel point and shoot and cropping everyones heads off.

For just 500 you can leave it to the professionals and guarantee a stunning result whilst everyone else can carry on enjoying your special day. Contact us now for your free, no obligation consultation.

Healthy Choice Weddings has photographers based all over the South West. All of the photographers have vast amounts of photographic experience and training under their belts to get the best results out of their top end, pro equipment. They have also been hand selected to make sure they are as personable as possible whilst still maintaining the highest levels of professionalism.